Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day of mixed emotion

I work for Children's Miracle Network through a local children's hospital in Central PA. Today I had the privilege to have lunch with one of our Miracle Kids. He's six years old and has been diagnosed with Progeria. Progeria is a condition that is often referred to as "early aging disease". This little boy has more life and personality than most people I know. He is very animated and loves to play and be the center of attention. He completely consumed my heart this afternoon.

After parting ways I was then informed by a co-worker who works more closely with the family that he's not doing very well. He's been starting to have strokes (a common symptom late in the disease) and the doctors at our hospital are afraid there may not be very much more they can do for him.

On the way home from my meetings today ( a two-hour drive) I cried. I have never felt so much emotion toward a person I have just met in my entire life. This little boy steals your heart away. This is one of the hardest parts of my job but if a fundraiser I held has helped to buy even one piece of equipment that he used while being in the hospital, it's made it all worth it.

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