Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ode to my Mother-in-Law

It's been slow here.  Sorry.  Between kids, family and life, things get crazy.  I get crazy.  Let me sit you down a little bit and tell you the kind of crazy the LFD and the people around me actually deal with.
I'm your pretty average 27 year-old woman.  I'm married, I have a child and I work full time.  And like a lot of women in my stage of life, I sometimes have guilt about being outside of the home and away from my son so much.  Then, I feel guilty about the person who bares the the brunt of that guilt... My amazing mother-in-law (MIL).
Let me tell you about this woman.  She watches my son for free 5 days a week.  She deals with mine and my husband's stress when we need to unload like a saint... and... even if begrudgingly at times, she indulges my crazy.
When the LFS was 4 months old, the LFD and I decided we wanted to start sleep training.  It was awesome for bedtime but naps were still not working so well.  So, we asked MIL to start putting him down for a nap awake but sleepy.  This is the woman that was a pediatrics nurse in the nursery at the local hospital.  Some nights, all she did was put babies to sleep during the first few hours of their life - but, she indulged my wishes.  It worked and all was well but God love her for going against everything she's ever done to make me happy.

Next came the time the LFS was having trouble taking a nap at about 11 months old.  She cleaned an entire section of her dining room to make it dark and a better place for her to nap.

Now, I'm having a little bit of guilt about working full-time and being away from LFS all day long and, she doesn't even know yet, but, I'm going to start packing his lunches to have just a tiny bit of control during the day.  This is the crazy I'm talking about.
Also, not only do I want to be able to parent a little bit more throughout the day but, I also think it will make her life easier.  When LFS was an infant, I bought a lot of the formula he ate at her house.  Now that he doesn't eat formula, I got away from providing his meals.
I can't afford to pay her for watching my son but I can try to make her life easier.  She is such an amazing person, why shouldn't I at least try?  She cares for my son with the love only a grandmother can give, she treats me like her third daughter and she raised her son to become the man of my dreams and my best friend.    The least I can do is provide a lunch for my son that she just needs to warm up or hand him every day.
We are so blessed to have so much family around us to help and share their love but I am especially grateful for this woman.  If she can raise my husband, that's all the credentials I need to know she is the best caretaker in the world for my son.   Thank you.


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