Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hardcore Mudd Run!

As I've said in previous posts, I'm a fundraiser for a local children's charity.  We have a new event happening this year called the Hardcore Mudd Run.  It is a 6.5 mile obstacle run on the side of a ski slope.  It's going to be quite a thing and as the coordinator for the charity they have chosen to support, I get to participate!

Now keep in mind, I'm not the least bit in shape.  I use to be very athletic... Then I got married.  The life of a LFW is not very structured.  There are a lot of nights that the Hubster comes home after 8:00 viewings and wants junk food for dinner.  In the past I used viewing nights as time to work out and worry about me... Then I had a baby.  So, after all of the excuses I've made for myself, enough is enough.  Did I mention this event is in six weeks?  Yea, totally doable right?  God help me!

The Goal - Get in to good enough shape that I won't die on the mountain.

The Plan - Start out running a mile a day (adding distance each week) accompanied by strength training 2 to 3 days a week.

As mentioned above, nighttime, out-of-the-house workouts are tough now.  The LFD has suggested we start waking up earlier in the morning.  I like this idea!  I can wake up and run my mile and then, in the evening, I'll do my scheduled strength workouts!

The plan is to report to all of you on my progress.  This is going to be quite an "under-doing" as the LFD likes to say.  Feel free to post any sort of encouragement you'd like.  This is my "Soft to Hardcore 6-week Bootcamp" lol!

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