Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, and I'm all alone

     I imagine my life isn't much different from those married to doctors and other men who are constantly on call.  There's really just no getting away from the LFD's job.  We live above the funeral home in the third-floor apartment and we're in the process of buying this place.
     There was a time when we first got married that I had a very hard time adjusting to the LFD's work-life.  When we were dating, I saw him practically every day.  What I didn't know is that he was getting up super early to get work done and asking one of the other directors to cover an evening viewings he may have had scheduled.  When we got married, a lot changed.  He settled in to his occupation and became a career funeral director.
     I honestly spent a lot of days crying thinking that he was choosing work over me.  It was incredibly selfish but, fate has a strange way of teaching us lessons.
     A few summers ago, we had a very "busy" spring.  I didn't see the LFD very much and as usual, I couldn't really comprehend why he was gone all the time.  Then it stopped.  Business literally came to a halt in the entire county.  There were days there wouldn't be a single death between two counties and we had gone 30 days without a call.
     It was one of the scariest times of my life.  It turns out, summer has been making a habit of doing this.  Apparently people don't die as often in the summer time.
     Today is May 23.  This week has been busy to say the least.  I've seen my husband for about a total of 4 hours awake all week.  Guess what, I love it!  I have a good healthy fear of what may be coming in June and July so I'm thanking God every day for the business.
This is the part of this entry where I'd like to remind you that, if you're offended by my gratitude for dead people, you probably shouldn't read a blog dedicated to my life as a funeral director's wife.
   So, while the LFD is working today, I'm going to go to a friend's graduation party and then go visit my parents.  My work life isn't the most relaxing right now, it's just that I get weekends off.  I'm learning to find hobbies and interests that I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to do if I didn't have as much me-time.  And, I'm very grateful to my best friend Rufus for always being there for a snuggle when I start to feel lonely.  So, here's the real introduction to my life as an LFW.  Until next time,


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